Using Shiatsu in Infertility, Pregnancy and Labour

Using Shiatsu in Infertility, Pregnancy and Labour

October 19thto 21st2019

Taught by Kate Burford in North London

Shiatsu is both appropriate and highly effective for promoting a healthy pregnancy and birth.

In this 3 day workshop we will explore the Extraordinary Channels (particularly the Penetrating, Girdle and Heart Uterus) and relevant techniques for treating conditions that arise preconceptually and during pregnancy. We will become familiar with the changes – both energetic and physiological – that occur during the three trimesters. We will also learn to how to use Shiatsu during labour.

This is a full and inspiring weekend to enable you to feel informed and confident working with women during infertility, pregnancy and labour.

Investment is £280 for 3 days and £140 for BSS students repeating the course