Shin Tai: GV/Spine

Shiatsu ShinTai – Governing Vessel/Spine
A 6-day comprehensive course
Two parts: July 5/6/7 and July 26/27/28 2019

Venue: Gasworks Studio, 27 Narroways Road, St Werburghs, Bristol BS2 9XB

This course is for bodywork practitioners who want to achieve better results in their treatments more quickly and with less effort.

Saul Goodman developed this transformational system following his studies with Shizuto Masunaga who said that motion is synonymous with basic life impetus. We will be focusing on the energy flow of the central meridian, the Governing Vessel, the first energy current to evolve following conception, as well as the spine, the material manifestation of the Governing Vessel.

Learn to observe and work with the Primary Information System, creating more space, motion and elasticity as you help receivers recover their life force and become more fully present.

Through expanding our perception of the body as well as techniques to identify where energy is trapped, we learn to release and reintegrate it back into circulation. For the receiver it feels deep, gentle and is highly effective in restoring alignment and ease.

This Level 1 ShinTai course ideally complements existing therapies which create a healing environment for the body – if you are a Shiatsu practitioner, Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Sports Therapist, Chiropractor, Osteopath or any other bodyworker, this course is suitable for extending and enhancing your skills.

Teachers: Gill Hattersley and Rachel Boase are both highly experienced Shiatsu teachers and practitioners.

For further information, details and application please contact:
Rachel Boase: 
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Early booking advisable:Early-bird reduction before May 24th £425: or full £485 (For those wishing to repeat the course there is a 50% discount.)