Doe Warnes

Doe Warnes MRSS(T), BrDMP, ITEC, has been practising therapeutic bodywork since 1974. She began studying shiatsu in 1984 at the British School of Shiatsu-Do (BSS-Do) London and has also been fortunate to continue her studies with highly respected international teachers such as Pauline Sasaki, Cliff Andrews, Saul Goodman, Wataru Ohashi, Ray Ridolfi and Kishi Akinobu Sensei.

She is a registered teacher with the Shiatsu Society UK and has taught at the BSS-Do for 17 years (currently on sabbatical), as well as supporting students and trainee teachers through supervision, mentoring and tutorials.

Doe also teaches bodywork and anatomy & physiology within a variety of adult education courses throughout London and abroad. She offers ‘healthy living’ talks to the over 60’s and facilitates groups for people with chronic health conditions.

Doe has extensive experience working with older adults, people with anxiety and stress-related symptoms and people with chronic health conditions. She has previously worked with Age Concern, Age UK, Falls Prevention Projects, HIV+/AIDs organisations, Care for Carers and The Royal Shakespeare Company.

Current work

Doe has recently moved her London practice to Letchworth and Hitchin (North Hertfordshire), offering shiatsu treatments and Japanese facial massage.  She regularly runs workshops in and around London

These include:

Working with the Older Adult, Japanese Facial Massage, Introduction to the Meridian System and Five Elements and Anatomy and physiology’.

Doe has developed new workshops integrating aspects of bodywork, the Chinese Five Elements, experiential anatomy and mindful movement i.e. The Mindful Practitioner and Mindful Movement for Health and Well-Being.

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Her approach to teaching, group work and individual treatments is always with a holistic perspective.   She is committed and passionate about supporting, informing, inspiring and raising self-awareness about health and well-being. Doe continues to study the human body in stillness and in movement with curiosity and fascination.


Related qualifications:

PGCE – Teaching Adults in Lifelong Learning

Post Graduate Diploma in Dance/Movement Psychotherapy

Anatomy and Physiology – Level 4

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