Basics Shiatsu Introductory Course

At the end of this six days Introduction to Shiatsu-Do Bodywork Therapy Course you will be able to give family and friends a full body treatment in Wbasicsprone, supine and side position as well a seated shiatsu treatment.

The Introduction to Shiatsu-Do Bodywork Therapy Course takes place over 3 weekends – 3 weeks apart, at the Essex school in Birch Hall, Copford Rd, Birch, CO2 0ND, . Each weekend includes Saturday and Sunday, 10am – 5.30pm. There is time between weekends so that you have time to practise on family and friends and gain experience so that you can deepen your learning in the next weekend.

The course includes:

  • Introduction to Oriental Medicine
  • Concepts of weight and pressure and basic shiatsu techniques
  • History and development of Shiatsu
  • Sensing Ki (energy)
  • Exercises for health and vitality, centering and awareness
  • Moving around the body and transitions from one position to another
  • A full treatment protocol to work on the back, the front and the side of the body.
  • Basic anatomy

This Introduction to Shiatsu-Do Bodywork Therapy Course is a prerequisite to the Year 1 Shiatsu-Shin Tai Course. These three weekends form the beginning of that year 1 course.

Course Fee:    for the 3 Weekend course:  £450

The Basics Shiatsu Introductory Course has expanded so that you receive more in depth tuition and more time for practical work. This will prepare you better for the Year One Shiatsu Shin Tai training that follows. The British School of Shiatsu aims to keep a high standard of teaching and support throughout your time as a Shiatsu student.

Next Course Dates:

Autumn 2018:

Saturday/Sunday 3/4 March 2018
Saturday/Sunday 17/18 March 2018
Saturday/Sunday 7/8 April 2018