Back Problems

If you suffer from :

  • lower back pain
  • sciatic nerve pain
  • spinal aches and pains
  • curvatures of the spine
  • joint pain

Shiatsu ShinTai techniques work on the spine, spinal muscles and surrounding areas, releasing and relieving discomfort. Passive corrections are used as well as pressure, acupressure point work & stretching, which enable the bones, muscles and nerves in the back to re-align and relax.

Neck and Shoulder problems

If you suffer from :WRhythmicJoint300

  • restricted movement
  • whiplash
  • past injury or operations
  • tension
  • nerve pain
  • headaches or migraine
  • frozen shoulder
  • etc…

Shiatsu ShinTai techniques are used to treat the upper body primarily, releasing stress and tension in specific areas. Techniques on the joints and muscles are used, as well as passive corrections, pressure and stretching. The neck and shoulders are re-aligned and pain and discomfort are reduced and cleared.

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