Student Support

We pride ourselves on the high level of support we offer to students throughout their courses.  We aim to provide students with a secure support and feedback network. The school encourages feedback from students so that it can maintain the quality of its training and make on going improvements to its courses.

Teachers are allocated as mentors to provide support, as does the office team. We encourage students to meet each other to practise and our space is free for them to use by arrangement.  Class representatives facilitate a smooth flow of communications with the school.

At each level all students are provided with comprehensive handbooks. These provide hand-outs and information to guide them through the course and its requirements, and acts as a personal development and study record for the students throughout their training.

Student Practise Classes

The Shiatsu & Bodywork Practise Space

WShinTaiTeachingTuesday Evenings @ London School of Capoeira

7.15 – 9.15 pm

1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month

Led by one of our experienced Teacher practitioners

Fee:   £20.00  

Open to anyone interested in shiatsu and the development of touch and energetic connection. We welcome all styles and all levels of experience, including those with no previous experience.

The 1st Tuesday will be based in the syllabus of the British School of Shiatsu, including Shin Tai.

The 2nd Tuesday will have a broader scope, embracing all styles of shiatsu and be a space to practise, to develop your shiatsu touch and energetic connection, exchange with other bodyworkers, whatever your experience.

For those with no experience, the class acts as taster and a chance to receive some Shiatsu, and learn to give treatment. If you come regularly you will learn in bite size pieces a form of bodywork that is relaxing and therapeutic.

The class begins with some Do-In exercises which are movement and breath based exercises that help open and ground the body/mind. The teacher will guide the class according to the aims and wishes of the group. There will be time to give and receive treatment. There is enough time to immerse yourself in the shiatsu, leaving you feeling clearer, looser and more present.

Date Teacher
19 Sept 2017 Svenja Schaper , Tracy KriklerAdam Hellinger
17 Oct 2017 Adam Hellinger
5 Dec 2017 Tracy Krikler
19 Dec 2017 Adam Hellinger


One Day workshops:

These are held periodically through the year. A day may follow up on an Advanced Practise class, delving deeper into the subject matter, or a teachers’ particular subject of interest or specialisation may inspire it.


We run regular treatment clinics, offering low cost shiatsu and invaluable practise opportunities to students and graduates.

Student Teaching Clinic

As part of the training students are asked to attend the supervised training clinics. They normally run on a Monday every 2 or 3 weeks. These clinics form part of the students’ clinical practice and allow them to work on members of the public. A treatment session includes taking a full case study and treatment, under the guidance of a fully qualified Shiatsu Practitioner and Teacher. For members of the public they offer a chance to receive a good quality, low cost treatment. Please contact the school to book.

Volunteer Supervised Clinics

From time to time we need graduates to volunteer to treat at these clinics. These provide valuable CPD. Please contact us to volunteer.

Graduate Practitioner Clinic

Our graduate clinics run on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month. They offer reduced priced professional shiatsu to the public and give graduates a ‘stepping stone’ to professional practice under the overall guidance of the school.