Shiatsu Masterclass

This Masterclass for advanced students take place on the 4th Thursday of each month. They are suitable for students in their second year and beyond and for graduates from any shiatsu school.IMG_2771

British School of Shiatsu teachers teach a specific topic each time – an opportunity to focus on one aspect of your shiatsu practise. The topics are advertised in the School Newsletter. Contact Us 

Class Fee: £20 per class

Please book your place on this course. The fee is payable on arrival direct to the teacher.

Upcoming dates and events:

26 January 2017 with Doe Warnes
23 February 2017 with Susan van Elmpt
23 March 2017 with Bill Commerford
27 April 2017 with Doe Warnes
25 May 2017 with Adam Hellinger

For more information call

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