Liz Arundel




Liz began her Shiatsu studies at the BSS London in 1984 and it has been a life-long passion ever since.

She has  studied with Saul Goodman, the pioneer of Shiatsu Shin Tai, for over 30 years. She taught at the BSS from 1987-1993 when she moved to live in the Highlands. Liz was a director of the Glasgow School of Shiatsu from 1993- 2010. She came back to teach for the BSS in London in 2014. She lives in Edinburgh where she  practises at home and teaches postgraduate Shin Tai courses at The Healthy Life Centre in the city centre.

Liz received teachings from Ohashi, Pauline Sasaki and Shizuto Yamamoto over several years in the 1980’s. She studied Craniosacral Therapy with one of the leading teachers in the UK, Thomas Attlee, at the College of CST.

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