Tracy Krikler

Tracy Krikler teaches at the British School of Shiatsu-Do having trained there 15 years ago. Further qualifications in Shiatsu Shin Tai and Movement Shiatsu make her specialist in treating physical and emotional conditions. Tracy also offers Japanese Facial Rejuvenation treatments and a seasonal Ginger Compress.

People see Tracy for a few sessions or on an ongoing basis as they find that shiatsu helps them to overcome deeply held patterns of stress, pain or trauma, recover from injury as well as helping them to be more relaxed in their daily lives, living more fully in the present moment. Her treatments are intuitive, listening to what the receiver needs and facilitating a process in which the body’s Ki (Life Force) can flow fully and become more wholesome. When this happens, their own self – healing ability motivates recovery and greater vitality in many areas of their lives.

“Shiatsu has helped me over the years in my recovery from injury and has helped me navigate through some challenging times and life changes. Giving, receiving and my training have kept me positive, creative and more grounded in reality.”


Teaching Shiatsu Shin Tai at The British School of Shiatsu-Do presents the opportunity to delve deeper into the practise of Shiatsu. She is available to teach introductory courses elsewhere as well self-care workshops using the principles of oriental medicine and her knowledge of anatomy and movement. Come to the “Shiatsu Practise Space” on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at the London School of Capoeira where she guides the class.

Find out more about the one year Shiatsu-Shin Tai certificate, which makes up the first part of the full 3 year Shiatsu-Do Diploma.

 Previous Experience:

Before she came to Shiatsu, Tracy worked as a Probation Officer and as a Social Worker,  mainly in the mental health and drug and alcohol fields. She has extensive experience of giving Shiatsu treatments at Turning Point drug and alcohol clinics, at the mental health charity, Mind and at a Richmond Fellowship therapeutic residential unit for people with chronic mental health problems.

 Treatments Given at:

The White Crane Clinic, Primrose Hill, NW1

The Spiral Centre, Holloway, N7

Home clinic, New Southgate, N11

She commits to her own practise of  yoga, dance, qi gong, meditations and swimming, using this experience to inform her work with her clients and of course to manage her own physical emotional and mental health.

By keeping an open and curious mind, Tracy finds joy in the simple and opportunity in the challenge.

She lives in North London with her two almost adult children.

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