Shin Tai: Structural

A 6 Day Course in 2 Parts

Part 1:  6 – 8 May 2016

Part 2:  3 – 5 June 2016

Course Fee: £480 [Early bird by 8 April £450] 3 instalments @ £165

Addressing the Pelvis, Hip Joints & Spine

Taught by Gill Hattersley and Petra Elliott

Improved alignment and motion of the hips, hip joints and spine help to solve numerous client complaints, such as back, shoulder and neck pain, along with bringing improvement to hormonal, nervous and circulatory problems. Increased mobility of the hip joints also improves reproduction and sexual function for women and men.

In this 6-day Shin Tai module, practitioners will learn how to evaluate & correct specific misalignments of the hips, sacrum and spine. They will learn passive muscle/energy corrections to bring about immediate changes in posture and structure that will last over time. Using theses techniques, applied in a priority of treatment that is unique to Shin Tai, practitioners will experience a new dimension of client response and treatment results.


  • Specific corrections of the pelvic region and sacro-iliac function
  • 4 precise evaluations of the sacrum
  • Non-force corrections of the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae
  • Release and unwinding of the hip joints
  • The reflex test


  • Posture and alignment: how they influence our physical, emotional and psychological condition
  • The structure-energy connection
  • Choosing the priority treatment
  • Physiology of the reflex test

Evaluation tools:

  • Posture evaluation: physical, emotional and psychological
  • Assessing joint motion
  • Detailed evaluation of hips, sacrum and spine
  • Reflex testing for finding and confirming misalignments