Svenja Schaper

svenja_teacher_profile_pictureSvenja started her Shiatsu journey in 2010 and continues to be amazed and excited by the transformative powers of Shiatsu: to come into ourselves and greater alignment with our potential. Completing her BSS-Do diploma in 2013 she started her full time practice in 2014, leaving behind her job as a primary school teacher for children with speech, language and communication difficulties. She now teaches on the Y1 Shiatsu Shin Tai course and continues her Shiatsu teacher training with the BSS-Do. She feels honoured to be part of the teaching team and delighted to be able to combine what she feels passionate about: Shiatsu bodywork and teaching.

Svenja is grateful to Shiatsu for expanding her life on many levels, bringing greater openness for all possibilities and connecting her to life more fully. Growing up as part of an inter-generational household in the north German countryside close to nature and its seasons, discovering the ‘5 Elements’ felt like a homecoming. Meditation, Yoga and Qi Gong practise have become important elements in discovering her own body energy and support her Shiatsu practise.

Svenja is also training in ‘Developmental Shiatsu’ with Karin Kalbantner-Wernicke, German Shiatsu practitioner and international teacher. Part of this is ‘Samurai-Shiatsu’, a practical Shiatsu programme for children to improve posture, concentration and body awareness. It introduces Shiatsu touch to the wider community and Svenja is the UK co-ordinator.