Shin Tai: GV/Spine

Shin Tai is a highly effective healing bodywork developed by Saul Goodman. It expands on traditional Shiatsu, emphasising the flow of the Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel – the primary meridians from which the classical meridians develop.

The governing vessel (GV) and the conception vessel (CV) are the regulators of all other meridian energy channels. Together they form the most primitive part of the energy system, and can be considered to be the “core information system”.

Until now, there has not been any specific technique or diagnosis presented within shiatsu or any other bodywork modality that addresses manual treatment of this system. Shin Tai offers this in a comprehensive, precise, and highly effective protocol.

The Governing Vessel/Spine and Conception Vessel/Hara courses are the core of the Shin Tai practitioner training.

This therapeutic bodywork helps clear your system of stress and compression, and naturally stimulates the flow of energy.

Dates of Next Course at the British School of Shiatsu-Do in London:

Gill Hattersley will be running this course for Shiatsu graduates and body workers from other disciplines. It consists of 6 Fridays over a 3 month period. This format gives students an opportunity to integrate the newly learned techniques into their Shiatsu treatments, before coming back to learn more.

5 May 2017 26 May 2017 2 June 2017
23 June 2017 7 July 2017 28 July 2017

Governing Vessel & the Spine

This Shin Tai course develops a diagnostic and manual treatment protocol for this primitive part of the information system. The GV/spine module uses unique and extremely effective diagnostic methods that determine patterns of restricted body motion and resonance. Using a flexible treatment protocol, normal resonance and proper spacial relationships are restored. This greatly increases the flow of life force through the body, improves organ function and muscular skeletal problems, and gets the physical body, emotions and mind better aligned and operating in the present time.


  • Diagnosis of the Governing Vessel
  • Evaluation of spinal alignment and mobility
  • General release of the Central Channel ( pathway of the GV )
  • Freeing the primary information system through spinal mobility
  • Shoulder joint and scapular mobility
  • Freeing the atlas vertebra
  • Freeing the axis vertebra
  • Corrections for hip misalignments
  • Corrections for hip joint mobility


  • The origin and hierarchy of the core information system
  • The healing power of the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Connection of the governing vessel and spine
  • The relationship of governing vessel and the parasympathetic nervous system

Evaluation Tools

  • Diagnosis of the governing vessel by motion
  • The three phases of resonance
  • Evaluation of spinal alignment and mobility
  • Evaluation of the cervical spine
  • Leg length check

This course is suitable for graduate Shiatsu practitioners and bodyworkers from other disciplines.  We welcome chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists,  cranio-sacral therapists. If you are repeating this course, after training with one of Saul Goodman’s certified teachers you may pay half price.

Physical and Emotional Improvements

  • Fatigue & back, neck & shoulder pain
    Deficient immune system response
  • Headaches, anger, rage, resentment
  • Reproductive/Menstrual problems
  • Digestive problems & over-eating
  • Abnormal Blood Pressure & poor circulation
  • Apathy, lack of enthusiasm, negativity
  • Pressure, anxiety
  • Defiance & stubbornness

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