Year Two Shiatsu

(Advanced Level) Shiatsu-Do Diploma

The second year is the Advanced Course for those wishing to continue their training to gain the British School of Shiatsu-Do Practitioner Diploma

The course comprises of:
  • 235 hours tuition
  • 11 core weekends including one 3 day weekend at the end of the year.
  • Completion of a BSS-Do appointed On-Line Anatomy Physiology & Pathology Course
  • 4 or more Supervised training clinics, students work with the general public (Mondays). These include individual tutorials
  • Diagnostic Development Programme, supported by mentors
Topics covered are:
  • Masunaga Shiatsu Meridians
  • Masunaga Shiatsu Theory
  • Oriental Medicine Theory development
  • Ampuku development
  • Masunaga Hara Diagnosis and development
  • Masunaga Back Diagnosis
  • Point Location and Usage
  • Shiatsu and the Reproductive System
  • Extraordinary Vessels Theory and Practise
  • Case-presentation discussions.
  • Listening Skills Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology
Year 2 Assessment Requirements

Completion of 85% of course requirements, theory and practical assessment, 4 supervised clinics

100-recorded treatments are required to go to the next level.

Next Course Dates:
Year Two 2016
22/23 October 12/13 November 10/11 December 7/8 January
Continuing 2017
4/5 February 4/5 March 25/26 March 29/30 April
20/21 May 17/18 June 14 – 16 July


7/8 September