Chi Kung

AdamHellingerZhan Zhuang Chi Kung

Weekly drop-in classes in developing the art of Standing Chi Kung within yourself.

Using simple exercises we develop the potential to sit, stand and ‘hold’ specific postures. These in turn help us to develop and improve our immune system, our levels of stamina, our ability to ‘relax’ and our overall flexibility. Classes open to all levels of fitness and experience.

Zhan Zhuang is also suitable for practitioners of other styles of Chi Kung and Tai Chi.

Location: Finsbury Park, N7, Islington North London

“Big action is not as good as small action.
Small action is not as good as non action”    

– Wang Xiang Zhai, founder of the System


Tuesday evenings 7pm-8pm, £10 per session

Please contact Adam Hellinger for any further information.

Mobile: 07973 909826

Telephone: 0207 700 3355