Year One Shiatsu Shin Tai

The Year One Shiatsu Shin Tai Training forms the first year of the Shiatsu Diploma Practitioner training at the British School of Shiatsu-Do.  Shin Tai is a highly effective healing bodywork developed by Saul Goodman. It expands on traditional Shiatsu, emphasising the flow of the Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel – the primary meridians from which the classical meridians develop.

This therapeutic bodywork helps clear your system of stress and compression, and naturally stimulates the flow of energy.

The training is recognised as a Certificated Training with the Shiatsu Society and upon successful completion, students can practise professionally, obtaining insurance through Balens Ltd.

You can come and sample a Shiatsu Shin Tai treatment with one of our experienced practitioners at the British School of Shiatsu-Do, or at the Student Supervised Clinic. You can also attend the Practise Class on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month where we practise the techniques and treatment process.

(191 hours tuition) 13 Weekends of Teaching Plus 1 Assessment weekend

Shin Tai course Part 1:  Weekends 4-8
  • Governing Vessel/Spine – protocols and
  • Energetics of movement – Wave motion, theory and 3 phases of motionWTeaching
  • Exercises for health and vitality
  • Five Elements experiential theory
  • The muscular and skeletal systems
  • Oriental Medicine: Body type theory
Shin Tai course Part 2:  Weekends 9-13
  • Conception Vessel/Hara – protocols and treatment from the Hara
  • Assessing joint mobility
  • Structural alignment of hips
  • Five Elements Theory continued
  • Muscular and skeletal systems continued
  • Full treatment protocol
  • Putting it all together with diagnosis
  • End of course written and practical assessment
Topics that will be covered within the weekends throughout the year:
Practical work:
  • Governing Vessel/Spine, Conception Vessel/Hara – Protocols and treatment.
  • Wave motion – 3 phases. Sensing Ki. Treatment positions and posture, Aikido walking.
  • Do-In and other exercises.
Self Development:
  • Self development log.
  • Do-In, Meridian, Proprioceptive and Chakra breathing exercises.
  • Meditation, Chi Kung.
  • Five Element Theory and it’s application for self-development
  • Food recommendations.
Experiential Theory:
  • Wave Motion, 3 phases Theory Nervous system response
  • Five Elements (Phases) Correspondences, Personality Types
  • Shen and Ko Cycles, Colour Influences, Emotional Influences, Seasonal Foods and Cooking, Body types
Practical Anatomy:
  • Anatomical terms and positions
  • Overview of body organs
  • Joints and articulations
  • Muscles
  • Introduction to the Nervous system
  • Fascia and Meninges
Course requirements:

Completion of 85% of all set home study, theory and practical assessment pass, 3 supervised clinics (These take place on a Monday), case study and 100-recorded treatments are required to receive certification.

Regular attendance at Thursday evening practise classes, and regular mentor contact is strongly recommended to support students as they progress through this course.

Following the final weekend, there will be a 2-day Assessment weekend . The fee for this is £170 and will be payable separately upon registration for the qualifying assessment. You may continue into the second year without passing the assessment, although you will need to have completed the 100 treatments and attended the supervised clinics.

Next Weekend Course Dates:

There will be a Spring course beginning February 2017 & an Autumn course beginning September 2017:

Year One Spring 2017
25/26 February 2017 18/19 March 8/9 April 27/28 May
1/2 July 22/23 July 2/3 September 23/24 September
28/29 October 18/19 November 16/17 December   13/14 January 2018
17/18 February 24/25 March Assessment
The Assessment will take place on 24/25 March 2018
Course Fee: £2,100
Assessment Fee: £170
Year One Autumn 2017
 16/17 Sept  2017  14/15 October 11/12 November 2/3 December
 20/21 Jan 2018 17/18 February 17/18 March  21/22 April
 19/20 May  23/24 June 21.22 July  8/9 September
 6/7 October  10/11 Nov (Assessment)
The Assessment will take place on 10/11 November 2018

For more information on Year One Shiatsu ShinTai, visit Shin Tai International website

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