Caroline Salzedo

Caroline Salzedo

Caroline SalzedoCaroline Salzedo first studied Shiatsu in the late 70s, returned to it in the 90s, and graduated from the BSS in 1998. She became a BSS teacher in 2002.

“It was my involvement in community activism and the women’s and gay movements which led me to Shiatsu, from a desire for all of us to be empowered in our own lives and to work together to create a better world.”

Based in Nottingham, as well as her Shiatsu practice, she runs creative Workshops incorporating Inner Qi Gong, movement, archetypes and self-expression.

Caroline is also involved in an Older Women’s Group organising creative events and conversations, working together to make older women more visible and effective.

Her most important Shiatsu studies have been, and continue to be, Shiatsu Shin Tai with Saul Goodman, and within the BSS; and Movement Shiatsu & Inner Qi Gong with Bill Palmer.

Other significant teachers include Sonia Moriceau, Wataru Ohashi and Michael Rose.

Caroline also completed a short course at a Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in China, studying Tuina, which she incorporates into her Shiatsu.

Phone: 0115 970 3456