NEW: Shin Tai GV/Spine for Graduates and Body Workers

The Governing Vessel/Spine and Conception Vessel/Hara courses are the core of the Shin Tai practitioner training.



This therapeutic bodywork helps clear your system of stress and compression, and naturally stimulates the flow of energy.

Dates of Next Course at the British School of Shiatsu-Do in London:

Gill Hattersley will be running this course for shiatsu graduates and body workers from other disciplines. It consists of 6 Saturdays over a 6 month period. This format gives students an opportunity to integrate the newly learned techniques into their shiatsu treatments, before coming back to learn more.

3 September 2016 29 October 2016 12 November 2016
3 December 2016 7 January 2017 18 February 2017

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